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  • Setting Up Virtual SQL Server Using Virtual Box and SQL Server

    One of my clients relies on an intranet web-based application for their company’s daily operation. The web-based was coded in ASP sometime in 2011-2013. Essentially, the application has been used almost 10 years and would only run in older generation of server. The old server was HP Proliant which was manufactured around 2008-2010 (just my…

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  • How to apply for MDEC digitalisation grant from PENJANA initiative

    MDEC has proposed 7 areas of digitalisation that small businesses could benefit from under PENJANA initiative by the Malaysian government. These 7 key areas are: Digital Marketing / Sales ePOS (Electronic Points-of-Sales) Systems HR Payroll System / CRM (Customer relationship management) Procurement E-commerce Remote Working ERP (Enterprise resource planning)/Accounting & Tax For more information about…

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  • KuTools for Excel Installation and Uninstallation Guide for Windows 10

    Installation 1. Please download installer file from 2. The installer file would be KutoolsforExcelSetup.exe 3. Please ensure that all Microsoft Office’s application is closed before installation. 4. Click on the installer file to install KuTools for Excel. 5. Accept the agreement by selecting “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” and click Install…

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