Maritime Engineering (Electronics)


This system is used to monitor and control shaft torsion, rotation and power. The information will be used to evaluate fuel consumption and the efficiency of the hull and propeller.

Vessel navigation & met systems

Our expertise can be applied onto navigation and meteorology systems such as Wind Sensor and GPS, our integration is universal with vast adaptability for all type of vessel.

Vessel Throttle Supply

Whether it remote control device or EOT, our company is ready to supply and install it on your vessel.

Electrical Services

Our expertise in the electrical field allows us to provide services to identify leaks beforehand. As well as Cable Rigging and Termination service.

Vessel Networking

Our company can supply, implement and maintain important networking infrastructure.

Monitoring Sensors SUpply & Installation

These sensors are used to monitor, measure and log the ships pressure and speed. The information can be then displayed over a transmitter or PLC.

Hardware Automation

We provide the utilization for Starter Control Panel which can be commonly seen used to reduce large startup of inrush current associated with large motors.

Vessel Control Panel & Console

We supply and install RTU, PLC and IPMS console for vessel for the purpose of control and monitoring management of the ship or vessel.

Telecommunication Systems

Setting up communication ensure mobile communication can be establish inside the ship and between other ships or vessels.