Maritime Mechanical Engineering

Structure Fabrication

Our company provide fabrication service for vessel structure, this includes skeleton frame, pedestal support and mast mounting on a variety class of vessel.

Pump & Compressor Supply, Renew & services

Motorisation which is withheld within the pumps and compressor must be regularly maintained to ensure the machinery performs fully.

Hoist & Elevator Services

We offer a low-cost solution to Provision & Ammunition Hoist (RMN). In addition, we also provide electrically operated hoist to ease in various means of operations.

Vessel Sewage Treatment Systems

Our company utilize treatment plants and a vacuum system to properly treat and discharge the sewage properly.

Heat Exchanger Services

We utilize a water-based cooling system to reduce the heat and different fluids cools different section of the ship to maximize the efficiency of this system.

Controller Pitch Propeller

We supply and service Hydraulic power pack. This service extends to shafting unit, propeller unit. Testing and troubleshooting can be applied on the propulsion system only.

Propulsion System

Our team can provide assistance in aligning critical unit and systems in the vessel such as genset, main engine, and pump system by using chockfast and epocast to fasten these units.

Valve Supply & Services

Valves and especially motorized valves require regular checks and maintenance that our team can provide.

Steering Gear System

The steering gear system consist of other moving part and systems such as hydraulic pump, motor unit, indicator angle system and rudder unit. Our team can provide maintenance, calibrating and parts replacement in regards with this system.